Bible Quiz 2011 - Overview
A Fun and Exciting Way for Everyone to Learn about the Bible

Click to EnlargeBible Quiz 2011 is the next generation of our very popular product previously titled "Bible Quiz For Kids".  It contains all the features that "Bible Quiz For Kids" had, plus all of the great, new powerful, flexible, and expandable features that you, our customers, have requested from us in order to meet each of your different needs.

Bible Quiz 2011 has something for everyone - Kids, Teens, Adults, and Scholars too.  It provides an exciting, interactive way for either an individual or an entire family to learn about the Bible.  But it is also a great program that may be used for Home Schooling, Sunday School Classes, Neighborhood Bible Groups, or even by an Entire School.  We offer 4 Different Editions of Bible Quiz 2011 with increasing features to meet your needs - from our totally Free Edition to our Deluxe Personal-Family Edition all the way up to our Premium School-Site Edition.

Bible Quiz 2011 allows you to test your knowledge of the Bible with more than 300 questions in more than 15 different categories and with 5 different levels of difficulty.  No quiz is ever the same as the order of the answers is scrambled, and the questions may be displayed in random order.  In addition, a quiz may contain as many as 7 different types of questions, and there are 6 different scoring methods available when taking a quiz.  Each quiz tracks your percentage correct, your time, and your score. In addition, each quiz includes animation, sound effects, and tracks the player and his high score.

All Editions include Topic Tudor which allows you to learn on your own about various topics.  You can view questions with or without the correct answer(s) identified.  In Topic Tudor, you can "Try the Correct Answer", "Try Again", "View the Correct Answer", or "Move on to Next Question".  All Editions include Quiz Taker which comes with more than 300 pre-loaded questions about Salvation, Old Testament, New Testament, People, Places, Events, Jesus, Parables, Miracles, Animals, Things, Numbers, Verses, Geography, Christmas, and Easter.

Bible Quiz 2011 provides a complete solution.  Bible Quiz Freeware 2011 includes Topic Tudor and Quiz Taker.  For only $15, the Deluxe Edition adds on Quiz Builder, Question Organizer, and Score Tracker.  For $25, the Premium Edition adds on both Quiz Manager and Quiz Optimizer.  An unlimited number of students may use our Premium School-Site Edition for only $50.  Comparable products may be found on the Internet which cost hundreds of dollars more.  But we also provide you with Free Downloadable Upgrades for the lifetime of the product.  In addition, as a customer you will receive Free Product Technical Support via e-Mail.

All 2011 Editions are now fully compatible with Windows XP (32 or 64-bit), Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit), Windows Server 2003/2008 (32 or 64-bit), and Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit). For Windows 98, Windows Me, or Windows 2000, please use Bible Quiz 2008.


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