Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ
Founded as "Victory in Christ Ministries" in August 1997

Christian downloads, Free Bible Games, Free Christian ScreensaversOur Overall Mission
The goal of our Ministry is to reach millions of people around the world using the technology of the World Wide Web.  Our Mission is to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the lost, to teach the True Faith while exposing error, and to encourage and alert believers.  In addition, we want to help Christians deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to help them understand their Identity in Christ and the practical reality of Christ living His life in and through them.

The Christian life is not hard to live, it is impossible to live. That is why the emphasis of the New Testament is “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27). Jesus Christ did not come just to get men out of hell and into heaven; He came to get Himself out of heaven and into men. Christ laid down His life for you, so that He could give His life to you, so that He could live His life through you. May you experience both His Love and his Life.

Our Overall Strategy
Our main strategy is to share the Gospel by developing and distributing Christian software programs and to include a clear and thorough presentation of the Gospel message in the help file of each and every program.  God has blessed this ministry beyond our wildest dreams as tens of thousands of programs have been downloaded by people in more than 70 countries. In addition, the included Gospel message has been translated into several languages.

Another one of our strategies to facilitate the sharing of the Gospel message is to provide Christian Screen Savers.  Many people in today's workplace use computers in order to perform their job responsibilities.  Whenever a person is away from their computer for a few minutes, a screen saver is usually displayed.   Why not use this opportunity to display an "ice breaker" so you can more easily share your faith in Christ.  That is, turn your ordinary screen saver into a People Saver for Christ.

Our Statement of Faith
We are sometimes asked what denomination "Heavenly Software Ministries"  belongs to and the answer is "None."  This does not mean that we are not in favor of denominations but that we are primarily concerned with being Christian and that denominational matters are secondary.

However, you may view a detailed statement of our Christian faith by pressing

How To Be Sure of Heaven - Today
When you die, where will you spend eternity? Notice that I didn’t say "if you die", but "when you die". We live in time, but eternity is forever.  The Bible says that once born we live forever, and that while we are on earth we will choose our eternal destiny. Why is it then that we tend to spend more time Ensuring that we purchase the right car than Ensuring that we will spend eternity in Heaven?

To learn how you can be Absolutely Sure of Heaven press

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Links to Informative Web Sites
Note that "Heavenly Software Ministries" cannot control the content, and therefore does not not share all of the opinions or beliefs on these Web Sites.  We do however believe that you may find various topics on them informative and helpful.

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