Our Refund Policy
Please Read and Try to Understand Our Situation

We at Heavenly Software want to satisfy you, our customers, and ensure that you are happy with your purchase.  One of the main techniques that we use to achieve this is to allow you to evaluate the product before you actually pay for it.

You Can Try Before You Buy
With commercial software, you're often not quite sure what you're buying until after you've paid for it. You can look at the box, read the reviews, ask your friends about it -- but until you've tried it yourself, you don't really know what you're getting. But with our products, you actually use the software before you pay a cent, so there's no mystery and no risk!

You Have an Unlimited Trial Period
Please take advantage of the unlimited trial period to test your software PRIOR to purchasing it.  Install it on your computer and ensure that everything is running as you would expect it to and that you are 100% happy with it.  If you need support, make sure that you obtain it prior to purchasing this software.  Please take enough time to evaluate your software before you purchase it.

No - We Cannot Refund
Due to the fact that we provide you with an unlimited trial period to evaluate the software product prior to your purchase, we cannot offer a refund to you for any products once you have made your purchase.

This policy may seem harsh, but our products are sold on the internet via Kagi.com, and Heavenly Software is actually out of the financial loop.  In fact, we often don't receive a payment from Kagi.com until 6 months after your purchase.  In addition to paying standard commission fees, Heavenly Software must also pay a 15% service fee to Kagi.com for every refund that a customer requests.

Yes - We Can Exchange
Although we cannot afford to give you a refund, we will do just about anything else to ensure that you are a satisfied customer.  We strive to serve you because we know that we are actually working for the Lord, and not for men (Colossians 3:23).

In our more than 15 years of selling Christian software products on the web, we have always been able to work out a satisfactory solution with our customers.  In most of these rare situations, we simply provided a substitute product.

Please Contact Us to Resolve Any Issues
Please send us an email at Support [at] Heavensoft [dot] com instead of our credit card processing service to resolve any purchasing issues that you may be experiencing.  We are here to serve and satisfy you.  Our ultimate goal is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring Glory to Him!


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