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Our Christian Games
Thanks for putting Christian games out here and I look forward to seeing more. Keep up your work for Christ. It is encouraging.

It's nice to see someone make good Christian learning software, they will be great tool's. May The Lord Be With You.

Thank you for your wonderful, challenging Bible games. I only hope that the Lord will continue blessing your ministry to others. I really enjoy the games and as soon as my young ones can read...I am sure they will find delight and rich blessings also.

Your a blessing. Iíve been looking for religious software for my children >for ages. Thank you so much. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Thanks for your software programs. I would like to use them for my Sunday school class to make them more interesting. Please send me any other programs which is useful for the Sunday school.
Tsutomu   (Japan)

Verses For Life
I thank God for the work you do for the Lord. Your activity is very inspiring for me. In the help-file of the program Verses For Life you explained why it is so important to know the word of God. I thank God that He used You to serve me. I ask if you agree to translate your software in Dutch.
Jan  (Netherlands)

All is well with my soul and computer programme. Keep on with your good work. I may now and again save a body - but to save a soul is far better. Blessings in Christ.
Lynge  (New Zealand)

I have prayed so hard and the Lord led me to your wonderful Verses for Life. Where I tried to memorize everything at once before, your software has brought focus to learning one verse at a time. Already I am experiencing victory in being able to quote the Word of God verbatim. Once again, thank you so much for Verses For Life!

Thank you for your kindness in Christ [for Verses For Life], may you be used by our God in His way.
Siong  (Malaysia)

Thanks for writing a helpful tool to keep us in the book and provide us the reminders we so badly need in our daily struggles.

Thank you very much for making this Bible programme.
Jonas  (Iceland)

Think this is a great thing to have.

Nice Program! I hope it helps me to memorize scripture.

I am looking forward to using "Verses for Life" because I believe it's a good initiative.
Philippe  (Belgium)

Bible Quiz For Kids
I love my game! Itís not too good for work productivity but great fun! Thank you.
(name withheld)

I would like to tell you that my family enjoys the program. I canít wait to unlock the whole thing and play. I pray that God continues to use you to spread the Gospel.

Spiritual Snack Tray
Thank you for your prompt reply. Spiritual Snack Tray is excellent, it is becoming a habit now while I am waiting for my e-mail to send and receive I point my cursor to the icon.

You seem to have been busy over the last months and I think that the Spiritual Snack Tray works very well. Thanks again and every blessing.
Desmond   (Northern Ireland)


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