What Our Customers Have to Say
About our Christian Games and Programs

I am so inspired and appreciate your wonderful ministry and the products you have produced through Heavenly Software. Again, thanks so much for your ministry. I look forward to using your products. They are so inspirational. God bless you and keep you!

Just wanted to thank you for your ministry. What a wonder way to be encouraged throughout the day and to be reminded of Godís provision! God bless you!

I praise the Lord for your ministry, Heavenly Software, and pray the Lord will continue to bless it.

I want to say how much people come by my desk and comment on my screen saver. Even customers who can see my screen are in pressed with it. So thanks, it is a quiet way for me to witness.

You have a great ministry. Keep it up! God is good, ALL the time.

I was asked to preach in my home church, and I felt I have to teach about the resurrection life. Then I remembered Web, put the word Resurrection in AltaVista, and received lot of answers. One of them was Heavenly Software. I red the texts and got many new ideas of how to share the truths. In Finland we have great lack of good printings about this most important subject area.
Kyosti   (Finland)

Keep it up! Your ministry is good. I found it helpful. God bless!

Iíve found that people in my office have stopped and asked me about my screen saver "Raindrops from Heaven". So I know they quietly say something. May our Lord continue to bless you and the ministry He has given you.

Thank you for your wonderful, challenging Bible games. I only hope that the Lord will continue blessing your ministry to others.

You are doing a wonderful service to mankind in spreading Gods word and his love.

Your ministry is a blessing in ways you may not have guessed. May God bless your ministry abundantly. Thank you.

It [Postcards From Heaven] is definitely a beautiful screen saver. Hey, donít get me addicted to this stuff. For some reason Iím finding myself leaning more and more to religious ideas and beliefs and the notion that there is a God. Itís peaceful and it feels pretty good.
(name withheld)

I appreciate your quick response and appreciate your creativity with pictures and scripture to minister to me and friends throughout the day. Our God is indeed an awesome God.

It is really a relief to see people in the online community get in touch with Jesus. I believe the internet used effectively is the most awesome method of communication we have. I believe this is an opportunity to reach millions of people. Letís give the world something it can download.

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