What Our Customers Have to Say
About our "Postcards From Heaven" Screen Saver

The fact is that every time your screen saver [Postcards From Heaven] turns on in my PC I feel all my troubles fall apart and start to believe life can be greater. I should thank you for all your attention and care. I hope God will bless your life.
FlŠvia  (Brazil)

Heavenly Postcards is the best screen saver out on the market.

It was a pleasure to come into work and people who had gotten to work before me say that it really lifted their hearts to read and see the screensaver when they arrived in the morning.

We would like to have it running as a testimony to our coworkers to the great promises in Godís Word.

They are beautiful pictures and lovely, inspirational scriptures.

The screen saver "Post Card from Heaven" is wonderful and its every slide is touching and enlighten Lord's promises. May Lord make your effort to the glorification of his glorious name. May God use your ministry abundantly.
(name withheld)  (Kuwait)

This is a fantastic screensaver.

It has beautiful backgrounds of Godís creation, and has different scriptures on each scene. I saw it at a friends, and found it to be very uplifting.
(name withheld)

Thank for your Postcards From Heaven screen saver; it has been an abundant blessing in my work place.

Thank you so much! The screen saver is delightful and very soothing.

Your Postcards from Heaven screen saver is super - thank you very much! I installed it the minute I had it downloaded and disconnected from the 'Net. I just love the scenery and I think you have selected the verses to go with it very well.
Hein  (South Africa)

I find this screen saver very soothing and reassuring. Thank you so much!

I really enjoy the Postcards from Heaven Screen Saver. Sometimes I just sit and stare at all the pictures and meditate.

I have received a copy of your Christian Screen Saver "Post Cards From Heaven" and am being tremendously blessed by it!

The pictures are beautiful and I appreciate the verses.

The postcards screensaver went in beautifully and it is beautiful. You captured my interest - a rainbow, I love rainbows!

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