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I have found your Know Your Bible Programme to be very useful. The entire family enjoys watching the children arranging the Books of the New Testament. It is a great learning experience.
Suresh  (India)

The screen saver "Post Card from Heaven" is wonderful and its every slide is touching and enlighten Lord's promises. May Lord make your effort to the glorification of his glorious name. May God use your ministry abundantly.
(name withheld)  (Kuwait)

I received your gift, registration code for "Know Your Bible". I am very thankful to you. I enjoy your program and I am sure my children will. This is very blessing for Christian and I pray God to raise people in Yugoslavia that will be able to make this kind of computer programs. I pray God to help you to help Christians to grow and non Christians to come to God.
(name withheld)  (Yugoslavia)

That special version was excellent work. Anyway thanks allot for your hard thinking to develop special version for me.
Johannes  (Indonesia)

Thanks for your software programs. I would like to use them for my Sunday school class to make them more interesting. Please send me any other programs which is useful for the Sunday school.
Tsutomu  (Japan)

I wish to tell you how great your job is, but I have no words. The fact is that every time your screen saver turns on in my PC I feel all my troubles fall apart and start to believe life can be greater. I should thank you for all your attention and care. I hope God will bless your life.
Flávia  (Brazil)

Thanks so much for your tenacity and willingness to go way beyond what was required. I think I will really enjoy the verses program...I plan to use it to encourage my personal memorization. Let me wish you a happy Chinese New Year! And God bless you in your ministry!
Nancy  (Taiwan)

Paula  (South Africa)

Your texts How to be Sure of Heaven is really pleasant, thanks! And many thanks to the Lord for it, of course. Your texts helped me greatly. Now I like to ask permission to apply your text structure and texts for my home page (in Finnish).
Kyosti  (Finland)

Thank you for your kindness in Christ [for Verses For Life], may you be used by our God in His way.
Siong  (Malaysia)

I thank God for the work you do for the Lord. Your activity is very inspiring for me. In the help-file of the program verses for life you explained why it is so important to know the word of God. I thank God that He used You to serve me. I ask if you agree to translate your software in Dutch.
Jan  (Netherlands)

You seem to have been busy over the last months and I think that the Spiritual Snack Tray works very well. Thanks again and every blessing.
Desmond  (Northern Ireland)

I am looking forward to using "Verses for Life" because I believe it's a good initiative.
Philippe  (Belgium)

Thank you for allowing me to translate your "sermon" into Afrikaans, my home language. I'm quite sure that many people will benefit from this.
Hein  (South Africa)

Many Thanks for "Know Your Bible". God Bless you and Family.
Donald  (Australia)

All is well with my soul and computer programme [Verses For Life]. Keep on with your good work. I may now and again save a body - but to save a soul is far better. Blessings in Christ.
Lynge  (New Zealand)

I also love to play computer games, which is what drew me to your program. I haven’t spent too much time really investigating your HeavenSoft website, but I really appreciate the clear gospel message that it presents. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord.
Nancy  (Taiwan)

Thank you very much for making this Bible programme [Verses For Life].
Jonas  (Iceland)

I was asked to preach in my home church, and I felt I have to teach about the resurrection life. Then I remembered Web, put the word Resurrection in AltaVista, and received lot of answers. One of them was Heavenly Software. I red the texts and got many new ideas of how to share the truths. In Finland we have great lack of good printings about this most important subject area.
Kyosti  (Finland)

I think that you have done a good job on this piece of software [Rotating 3D Screen Saver] and it was helpful to be able to adjust the size of screen and other parameters.
Desmond  (Northern Ireland)

Your Postcards from Heaven screen saver is super - thank you very much! I installed it the minute I had it downloaded and disconnected from the 'Net. I just love the scenery and I think you have selected the verses to go with it very well.
Hein  (South Africa)

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