Verses For Life - Overview
Memorize the Word of God and Apply it in Your Life

Free Bible games, Christian Downloads, Free Christian programsVerses For Life is a software program designed to help you learn and memorize the Word of God.  It comes with verses from the New International Version (NIV) Bible, and they are grouped by Topic. A note is provided with each verse to enhance your understanding and/or application. There are 3 basic modes available in this program: Learn a verse and its reference, Review the verse text if given its reference, and finally Review the reference if given its verse text.  

Verses For Life Freeware Edition contains 75 pre-loaded verses. The registered Deluxe Edition contains 450 verses on more than 100 different topics.  The Deluxe Edition also allows you to add, modify, or specify the order of your own topics and verses.  In addition, a utility is provided to help you easily import an entire set of your own verses at once.

Here is something that you rarely see these days - Free Product Upgrades. As a customer, you are eligible to receive Free Downloadable Upgrades for the lifetime of this product.  In addition, you will receive Free Product Technical Support via e-Mail.

Verses For Life  is currently Not Compatible with any Windows 64-bit Operating System.

  Free Bible games, Christian Downloads, Free Christian programs


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